Brian Anderson

Aurora, IL United States
BA Search Group
HR / Recruiting / Staffing

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I would like to provide a brief snapshot of my experience, talent and skills. I am an experienced leader with exemplary communication skills both verbal and non-verbal. I have over two decades of building and leading high performance teams. I understand that a true win- win is when your natural talents align, match and seamlessly fit with the work and skill set needed by an organization. I understand organizations can’t improve unless its people do.

Recruitment & Retention:
Full understanding of executing and delivering recruitment and staffing objectives. I have been instrumental in building effective recruitment process/model. I am effective at teaching and equipping general managers, district managers and regional managers that identifying and retaining talent is the key to their continued growth and success. I have first hand experience building long term teams though effective communication and enrolling associates into the vision/mission of the organization. Being a forward-thinker, I realize succession planning is an ongoing process focused on continuously identifying, preparing and developing individuals to take over key roles. I have cultivated and promoted hundreds of employees.

Assessment & Evaluation:
I am bell certified in selection/interviewing and understanding the core competencies needed to hire achievers. I am a certified executive coach and have extensive experience conducting 360 reviews, performance management and coaching for productivity, one-on ones. I recognize coaching can rekindle motivation and help employees with many important aspects of performance, including closing performance gaps, overcoming personal obstacles, achieving skills and competencies, preparing themselves for new responsibilities and managing themselves more effectively.

Learning & Development:
I have built multiple sales training programs geared toward driving sales, creating raving fans and providing excellent customer service. My knowledge of voice of the customer (VOC) training is extensive. I understand the training process and service design initiatives in order to better understand the customer’s wants and needs. I have conducted training workshops across the country in ever major market. My overview leaning philosophy is learning drives individual and organizational performance. Learning should be continuous thought the associate life cycle. Each of us is responsible for our own leaning and professional development, and learning should a continuous process.

I have opened over twenty markets from the ground up. I have been accountable and responsible for up to 18 locations with revenue exceeding 20M. I have overseen locations across eight states with head count above 150. I have full understanding of P&L drivers and performance metrics. Other areas of responsibility included security and loss prevention, facilities management, marketing, human resources, financials some site selection.

• Leadership style; Servant Leader, Effective Communicator, Listen to Learn, Results Driven

• Natural strengths; Drive, Commitment, Focus, Curious, Relationship Builder

I look forward to a thorough dialogue regarding how BA Search Group can add value to your organization regarding any human capital initiatives. Please contact me at for a phone introduction.

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