Frank Borzilleri

Anaheim, CA United States
Sr. Writer
Unemployed -- Seeking full-time or freelance work
Advertising / Marketing / PR

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Finding a Job for the Writing / Editing / Creative
“If not a writing position... I am also seeking an advertising/marketing position where I can make good use of my strong conceptual, troubleshooting, research and problem solving skills. Background includes knowledge of creative positioning, branding, new promotion development, budgeting and talent casting. Throughout career has developed, co-managed and delivered hundreds of projects on time and within budget.”

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Finding Information on a Product or Service for the Healthcare
“I worked for over 17 years as a Sr. Writer in the advertising agency of a health care marketing firm. Very familiar with just about every type of MD and DDS, and their more common procedures.”

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I have worked in the advertising agency of the same marketing firm for many years, and I’m ready for a new challenge.

I have some excellent qualifications to bring to this position including over 4 years of varied management, telemarketing, research and supervisory experience, which is backed by strong communications and organizational skills.

I have developed and successfully managed hundreds of marketing projects, creating marketing tools and tactics for various marketing programs in support of both in-house sales staff and clients, as well.

Please note that my marketing and advertising background covers a diversity of account types including consumer, business-to-business, high-tech devices and healthcare. This includes client contact and extensive research in support of my clients’ marketing materials.

I appreciate your consideration of my qualifications, and I am looking forward to meeting with you personally to acquaint you with my capabilities firsthand.


Frank Borzilleri

LinkedIn Public Profile:

Frank's Resume

1608 W. Catalpa Dr., #3, Anaheim, CA 92801

OBJECTIVE: Marketing/Advertising Writer, Director, Manager, Assistant Manager, Specialist or Coordinator

Highlights of Qualifications: Background includes knowledge of creative writing, positioning, branding, new promotion development, research, budgeting and talent casting. Throughout my career I have developed, co-managed and delivered hundreds of projects on time and within budget.

Client Relations Strengths
· Provide one-on-one training, counseling, support and encouragement for clients
· Crisis resolution, active listening, complaint investigation and problem solving
· Schedule appointments (location, time and agenda)
· Provide exceptional customer service where sensitivity and diplomacy are essential
· Customer confidence/ end user relations satisfaction
· Award-winning writer able to communicate effectively with clients and customers
· Possesses telemarketing, inside sales, retail sales and outside sales background
· Analysis and interpretation of state, federal, and departmental regulations and policies
· Accounts receivable, merchandise invoices, marketing reports, inventory reports, purchase orders, account receivables and general bookkeeping
· Good organizational skills — managed an office of a multi-location business

Product/Service Strengths
· Conduct competitor research and analysis for product/service
· Target audience and market research, updating market trends and environment
· Make recommendations on marketing and promotion, and other program changes
· Direct marketing campaign management, including creation of promotion strategies
· Creation of branded marketing campaigns, from concept to completion
· Product/ service positioning and tagline creation
· Write marketing materials, including new websites, and update content as needed
· Leadership through customer satisfaction survey creation and implementation

General Marketing/Advertising Qualities
· Leadership/Management
· Process improvement expertise
· Interview, schedule, supervise employees
· Train, mentor, motivate, direct, employees
· Strategy development and negotiation
· Conducted weekly project meetings
· Budget maintenance and monitoring
· Social media knowledgeable
· Consistent, timely follow-up
· Works well under tight deadlines

Clientele: Healthcare, high-tech software and devices, B2B, consumer, industrial, retail and sports. Former clients include Suzuki, NBA Clippers, Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts/Irvine and Bell & Howell.

Marketing Materials Created: Have developed, branded and co-managed promotional marketing campaigns that have included advertorials, collateral, discographies, direct response letters, free standing inserts, newsletters, new product introductions, press releases, promotional materials, radio, TV, video, telemarketing scripts, trade brochures, yellow page ads, web site content and creation, and social media.

Most Recent Experience
Experience Unlimited (EDD) / State of California, Anaheim, CA
01/2009 to Present - Volunteer Resume Coach/Operations Assistant
Group for professional-level job seekers run by state of California.
· Critique resumes and establish personal branding for mainstream EDD job seekers.
· Offer job hunting advice and counseling to mainstream EDD job seekers.
· Provide administrative assistance to operations staff and work job fairs.

Practice Builders Organization (An Ascend Media Company), Orange, CA
1991 to 8/2008 Senior Writer
Full-service, marketing-driven agency specializing in medical and dental practice branding
· Developed new projects including waiting room posters and in-bound telemarketing scripts, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue
· Successfully co-managed marketing projects, creating advertising tools and tactics for various marketing programs in support of both in-house sales staff and clients
· Created personalized, branded marketing-driven campaigns to help increase new and repeat business for hundreds of private practices
· Researched, developed, planned and implemented projects from concept to completion
· Won company’s only ad award, based on both creativity and marketing results
· Interviewed hundreds of business owners for research and bonding purposes
· Trained, mentored and supervised other writers to help maximize in-house resources creating a lesser dependency on freelance writers

Related Professional Experience

· Professional Resume and Writing Service, Anaheim, CA: Manager/Copy Director

· Jansen Associates Advertising and PR, Santa Ana, CA: Writer/Producer

· Hunter Barth Advertising, Santa Ana, CA: Writer/Producer

· Builders Emporium (a Wickes Company): Department Manager/Systems and Procedures Analyst

B.A. Degree, Advertising/Communications, California State University, Fullerton, CA
Certificate, “What’s The Big Idea”, Concept Course, Western States Association of Advertising Agencies
Certificate, Excel MS/105, North Orange County Community College District, 3/2010

· Direct Marketing Creative Guild/West: Practice Builders only ad award, based on both creativity and marketing results. Orange County Advertising Federation and the Business & Professional Advertising Association. (Jansen Associates - Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts/Irvine and Bell & Howell.)
· First place winner in the "Anything Anaheim" category of the 2010 Great American Apps Challenge for suggestion of the creation of an Anaheim Job Hunt Search Engine.

Computer Skills
Mac and PC literate writer who can work in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PageMaker and InDesign

Referenced from LinkedIn Public Profile
“Expert, great results, creative, good value, high integrity, on time, personable”

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