Suzanne Goldman

Coral Springs, FL United States

HR / Recruiting / Staffing

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Human Resources Professional with experience in talent acquisition, staffing, employee relations, in depth legal compliance, training & development and benefits administration.
Recognized for the ability to lead and facilitate as well as coordinate teams in HR staffing strategy development
Exceptional “people person” skills, capable of handling a wide and range of HR functions consistently producing quality work
Offers excellent communication skills, strong relationship building abilities, and an understanding of organizational strategies to help meet objectives
Blended recruitment (full life cycle) experience in corporate (start up and private), executive retained search firms and RPO
Development and implementation of successful programs attracting, sourcing, hiring, compensating and retaining top talent
Broad knowledge of multiple industries including: insurance (property & casualty and managed care), medical, legal, IT, call center, hospitality and financial services.

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