Get Noticed- How to Increase Job Posting Visibility on Indeed and SimplyHired- Part 1 of 2
Posted By: Jacob Conway

Part 1 of 2:

Job aggregators like SimplyHired and Indeed are a great way to get your job postings seen by thousands, but how do you make your job stand out amongst the millions of postings?

In this week's tip we will review how these boards work, how to get your job postings listed (hint- use our Req Blaster and post 3 jobs for free), what it costs, and how it is a growing threat to Monster and others. Next week we will use this background to discuss some insider job posting tips that will increase the probably of attracting excellent talent from Indeed, SimplyHired, Google Base, Twitter, Linkedin, Juju, and other similar sites.


Indeed, SimplyHired, Google Base, Juju, and other similar sites fit into the category of a “Job Aggregator”. You normally cannot post a job directly on these sites so you have to use a job board like Networked Recruiter or an ATS that uploads to these locations.

How do you post to these sites:

  • First make sure that the job board or ATS will send your posting to these locations. For example, if you post a job on Networked Recruiter we send your job to over 35 locations and then it is picked up by over a few hundred locations within 6 to 48 hours.
  • If you can find a job board or ATS that can send your posting to multiple sites with one click, that is the ideal situation solely for the purpose of saving you time. It will not give you better results but it will free you up for making cold calls to candidates. If you want to give this a try on Networked Recruiter via our Req Blaster, post 3 jobs for free right now by going to this site or check with your ATS to see if they have this feature.

What it cost:

  • Monster, Career Builder, Dice, and a few others use this technology but you are paying about $395 for one job posting.   You get get a better deal if you buy in bulk or buy a permanent posting slot.
  • Craigslist unfortunately does not post to these sites (I have never seen it listed but correct me if you have?.)
  • I have seen some other programs that were as expensive as Monster but do not deliver the results or are inexpensive but they have a sloppy interface. The goal is to find a job board or ATS you are comfortable with and build it into your recruiting process as cost does not matter as much as function.
  • Product Highlight- I am currently beta testing Networked Recruiter's ATS called SimpleATS that is integrated with our Req Blaster; we are looking forward to its release next year.  (UPDATE- SimpleATS is now live- read more here)

What is the threat:

This is a really interesting topic for me as I love weeding through all of the new solutions to see how it is changing the recruiting landscape. At the Onrec/Kennedy conference in Chicago next week, I am going to be speaking a little about this very topic.

  • For most job postings, I do not see the value in paying $395 to post on any of the major job boards.
  • Monster will always be around in some fashion but they are now experimenting with a candidate matching technology similar to Jobfox and others. If anything it will keep driving down cost and the focus will continue to be on matching or value added services.
  • I am consulting at a client right now and we have hired over 65 engineers this year using these techniques while reducing our Monster postings to a fraction of the previous years saving over $10,000.
  • Let me know your thoughts on how these job board aggregators are changing how you approach recruiting.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Next week we will have some good tips and tricks on how to maximize your potential of finding great candidates through these sites.
  • My suggestion would be to post a couple jobs on these sites to see how they work and join us next time to see how to improve your results.

UPDATED-  Read Part 2 right now.

Do you have other thoughts on this topic or ways to do it better? Let others read about it, write a comment.

Enjoy every moment and have a blessed day!

Jacob Conway Founder- Networked Recruiter

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