Get Noticed- How to Increase Job Posting Visibility on Indeed and SimplyHired- Part 2 of 2
Posted By: Jacob Conway

Part 2 of 2:

Job aggregators like SimplyHired and Indeed are a great way to get your job postings seen by thousands, but how do you make your job stand out amongst the millions of postings?

In Part 1, we set the ground work on what a job aggregator is and how to get your jobs listed (hint- use our Req Blaster and post 3 jobs for free).

Today, in Part 2, we will show you a few tricks on how to:

  1. Increase the number of candidates viewing your job posting.
  2. Make your job posting easy to be found and attract the right candidates.

Tip #1  Stand Out in the Crowd

  • Create a unique job title that will stand out.
  • Highlight the hardest to find skills or most attractive part about the job.
  • I like to follow the rule of using a descriptive title and adding in the key technologies like our example below.  The client is looking for a front-end, not back-end programmer, specifically a User Interface developer using AJAX and IQuery.   Make it easy for the candidate to find you.

Tip #2  Don’t Forget the Key Buzz Words

  • The goal of doing this is increase your chances of being found.
  • Be sure to know the common slang for each position you are searching for.  If a candidate does a specific search, be sure your job shows up.

Tip #3  Don’t Refresh Your Posting- Post a New One

Tip #4  Use the Must Have Skills Section

Tip #5  If You Have Extra Postings-  Post in Near By Cities

  • I know this is common sense but this actually something you now can start practicing since there are a few options for low cost job postings.
  • 5 years ago when I was only posting on Monster, I would think twice before using multiple cities as it cost me $120-$300 per posting depending on my package.
  • Networked Recruiter allows you to post up to 7 jobs per month for $99 or 50 jobs per month for $499.  It is now cost effective to use this strategy. See the graph below for cost savings.

Enjoy every moment and have a blessed day!
Jacob Conway Founder- Networked Recruiter


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