Recruiters- Simplify Your Life with Cloud Storage
Posted By: Jacob Conway

If you have more than 1 computer, travel and need remote access to documents, or if you want a simple solution to save your data; this is an article you have to read.

I used to be a Network Engineer before moving into recruiting in ’00; this tip can save you lots of frustration and money. There is a program called DropBox you need to check out.

What is it?

  • Basically, DropBox and other solutions like it allow you to virtually store information on a secure remote computer you can access from anywhere.
  • If you work for a smaller start-up, own business, or you work for a large firm but you want remote access to files this is a great solution. Even better, you can use up to 3 gigs (thousands of files or resumes) for free.

How Do I Use it?

  • The application is pretty simple; just install the program and you have a folder called “My Dropbox” you store your files in.
  • Even if you are not confident in your computer skills, it is very easy and the file is located in the same place you would find your “My Pictures” or “My Documents” section.
  • Every time you update a file it also updates the file in your online storage; you can access this data online or from other computer.

Relate this to Recruiting for Me

1. You are at a client site but need to access your files to write a contract; login online to access your documents, save the file, and it will also be there when you arrive back at your office.

2. Use more than 1 computer? Install this on both of your computers or all 20 of them; you can share files and it updates each computer every time you turn it on. No more using USB to transfer documents.

3. If you are a very advanced user; I am currently testing it for managing my Outlook PST files on multiple computers. There are lots of cool ways to sync your data.

4. You have multiple locations but you do not have a centralized server to manage documents; just use this program to keep everything organized. Let me hear some other ideas you have on how to use this application.

Enjoy every moment and have a blessed day!

Jacob Conway Founder- Networked Recruiter

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